Community Engagement

I had the opportunity to attend a conference in October hosted by the Agora Journalism Center and Journalism That Matters at the George S. Turnbull Portland Center. Read about my experience here.

Here's an article and a video about the experience:

Experience Engagement was a working conference from October 1-4, 2015 in Portland, OR that explored the question: What is possible when the public and journalists engage to support communities to thrive? Our intent is to illuminate, inform, and support community information health that contributes to thriving, inclusive communities by learning about processes that grow it, creating products that support it, catalyzing a community of practice dedicated to it, and identifying actions to amplify it. Every activity during the conference models a practice that can be used for community engagement. Additionally, we’ll be employing an evaluation practice called Developmental Evaluation, which supports innovation, adaptation, and systems change. We see it as a promising approach to understand the impact of community engagement work.
Shirley ChanComment