Reporting Morocco 2.0

I have made a few changes to my website in the past few months, but have not posted a new blog post in a while.

Since late August, I have transitioned from working in a newsroom at Oregon Public Broadcasting back to being a student – this time, a student in Morocco. In these past few months, the students in my program and I have been maintaining a website called Reporting Morocco, where we update the page with our feature articles and Moroccan news. After seeing the quality of the website, I took on the role of web editor with the intention of redesigning the website, in addition to contributing. Here is the before and after:


Before Squarespace, I had Wordpress. With the familiarity I still had for the platform, I conceptualized a sleeker and more minimal layout. 

I implemented the “Color Mag” layout with a focus on improving the visual quality of the website. I was instructed to keep the zellij, or Moroccan tiles, in the background, but I added a better quality photo of zellij I had taken at the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, otherwise known as the Grand Mosque and the largest in Morocco. For the logo redesign, I changed to a bolder font with a pop of color to distinguish it as more than just white text on a green-blue background. I chose that shade of red, because that is the same color as the star on the Moroccan flag. I chose to keep the color consistent with the old theme because the old color is a mixture of our partner organization’s Round Earth Media’s colors. I kept the layout similar to ensure easier navigation and retrain the familiarity. 

There are a few kinks I am working on, but for now, this is my final product that you can see the live version of at 

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